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May 21, 2010

Product Review - Cookie Dough Scoop

I'm debuting a new blog feature this week! Introducing new product review entries. I'm a sucker for any type of new gadget that may improve my cookie baking technique. Recently, I found a cookie dough scoop at Bed, Bath & Beyond and had to give it a try. From the makers of the chip clip (how did we keep our chips fresh before these beauties were invented?), the cookie dough scoop beckoned me from across the aisle. It comes in several bright colors like purple, red, electric blue, yellow and green. I chose red since I felt it just might be easier to find when I'm digging through my overcrowded kitchen drawers.

The handle and rim of the scoop are hard plastic and I dishwasher safe. (top shelf only). The back of the scoop is silicon, so it's soft which is extremely useful for pressing the dough onto the baking sheets. It works especially well with sticky doughs.

I found this tool to be extremely useful in making nicely rounded dough balls that spread evenly when baked. Those of you who know me can attest that I'm a perfectionist so this product fits into my lifestyle very well by helping me to make perfectly round cookies. I give this two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Cookie Dough Scoop

Manufacturer: Robinson Products, Buffalo, New York
Description: plastic, easy to clean, approximately 5" long
Price: $3.99 @ Bed, Bath & Beyond

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